Maren Neuendorf is responsible for our firm’s management, organisation and all related tasks.

She has been with us since September 2009. Mrs Neuendorf studied business administration at the University of Oldenburg and University of Växjö in Sweden, graduating with a degree in business administration and a Master of Science in Business and Economics. Her studies focussed on the areas of human resources, organisation and management.

Mrs Neuendorf is responsible for our law firm management and organisation, as well as tasks relating to personnel, accounting, public relations and technical equipment. She has also taken responsibility for tenancy law within the firm and is responsible for real estate matters, where she can advise on topics such as new tenancies, service charge accounting, as well as tendering for and supervising necessary renovation work.

Mrs Neuendorf was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Walter Behrens Foundation (Walter Behrens Stiftung) in 2011, an organisation supporting children with multiple disabilities and paralysis. For this position, Mrs Neuendorf undertook additional training at the German Foundation Academy (Deutschen Stiftungsakadamie) to become a certified Foundation Manager.

We are delighted to have Mrs Neuendorf to add to the academic enrichment of our legal team. Mrs Neuendorf is your first point of contact for advice from the partners on non-legal matters.