Our notary Dr Wolfgang Krafczyk can provide individuals and companies with advice on notarial deeds and notarial contracts with special emphasis on the areas of real estate law, company law, and all matters concerning family and inheritance law.

Feel free to contact Dr Krafczyk on all matters relating to processing and certifying land and property purchase contracts, creating land charges, registering companies and associations, sale purchase agreements, incorporating and reorganising enterprises, as well as marriage and inheritance contracts or wills. The considerable experience of our expert and highly qualified staff ensures efficient and client-friendly processing, even when it comes to the most extensive contracts and transactions.

Our certified notary Dr Wolfgang Krafczyk can certify bilingually – in English and German.{j}He is also a public notary in the consular district of the Brazilian Embassy, which means the{j}documents he certifies as a public notary can be legalised at the Brazilian Embassy in Berlin.


Notarial charges

The costs for the services of a notary are legally specified and binding. Every notary is required by the Federal Notary Act to invoice the statutory fees for work undertaken – no more and no less. The advice of the notary is included in the notarization fee, regardless of the difficulty, the effort or the number of meetings.

The notary cost thus depends exclusively on the importance and value of the business and not on the workload of the notary. The fee system of the Court and Notary Costs Act means that the notary carries out many official activities without full compensation for costs incurred,{j}ensuring notarial advice and the drafting of legal agreements is accessible to all.


Your contact person

Mrs Ritter 0511 12171-19 mailto:ritter@krafczyk.de
Mrs Härke: 0511 12171-37 mailto:haerke@krafczyk.de